Proxeeus: Weird Tales

Goa Madness Records is very proud to present the second album of Jerome Lesterps aka Proxeeus: «Weird Tales».

After the success of his first album on Neogoa Records, Jerome is finally back with his epic acid sounds, tortured leads and groovy rhythms. With a true respect for the sound of classical Goatrance from the late 90's, this release will kick you back in time and make your body and mind shake like never before. Many of those tracks have already been approved on several dancefloor's around the world so, don't hesitate!

Grab your copy and enter the madness!

Tracks List

  1. A Lone Mi Go
  2. The Shoggoth in the Mirror
  3. Something Lurks on Yuggoth
  4. He Waits Dreaming
  5. Tekeli - li
  6. What The Moon Brings
  7. Lets Goof
  8. The Mad Poet Of Sana'a
  9. Fhtagn No More