Phases Of Madness


Goa Madness Records is very proud to present you their brand-new compilation, «Phases Of Madness»!

This new project will take you on a journey through the different styles that Goatrance has to offer nowadays. Acidic stompers, chaotic atmospheres, groovy rhythms, Melancholic melodies & a good dose of euphoria are all inside!

Our trip starts with «The Call Of Goa» by Ovnimoon. This very uplifting track will remind you the golden days of Israeli Goatrance enhanced by modern production & deep atmospheres. Stellar force strikes back with a very dancefloor oriented track filled with acid sounds and swirling melodies. Hisia delivers a very groovy and melodical piece of art while Veasna brings us an atypical oldskoolish track spiced up with some crazy crying lead sounds. «Mind Bug (2011)» by M-run will show you how crazy & groovy goatrance can be these days while Morpic resonance will bring you a good dose of chaos with his fantastic remix of «Chaotic-Om» by Filteria. «Neuro Stretch» by Ephedra will assure a good dose of exercise for your brain cells by blending acidic & tortured leads with euphoric melodies while the French duo Denshi Danshi will show you all their experience by delivering their typical retro sounds blended in a very modern production approach. Our compilation ends with the upcoming Belgian duo Triquetra. «Mordroc's Challenge» will make sure you have a proper landing with some very emotional melodies & beautiful sounds.

Grab your copy and make sure you discover our different... Phases Of Madness!

Tracks List

  1. Ovnimoon: The Call Of Goa
  2. Stellar Force: Acid Daze
  3. Hisia: Black Mountain
  4. Veasna: Racketeer
  5. M-Run: Mindbug 2011
  6. Filteria: Chaotic Om (Morphic Resonance Remix)
  7. Ephedra: Neuro Stretch
  8. Denshi Danshi: Solar Flare
  9. Triquetra: Mordroc's Challenge