Moon Beasts: On The Edge


On The Edge... The new album by the French / Belgian Duo Moon Beasts is finally here! After Years of hard work, the duo consisting of Ephedra & Proxeeus can finally present you this conceptual piece of art. On The edge is, as the title suggest, an album at the border of many things; both Musically as well as emotionally. The story evolves between different moods & atmospheres reflecting the weird world we are living in. Expect a combination of the best of what those 2 artists are used to deliver with some unexpected twists & turns. In short... Pure Goatrance for your ears!

The madness continues...

Tracks List

  1. On THe Prowl
  2. Brain Salad
  3. Demon Star
  4. Sleeplessness
  5. Darker Territories
  6. Separate Species
  7. Waiting For Change
  8. Its Part Of THe Game
  9. Losing Balance [BONUS TRACK]