Mad Fusion EP


Goa Madness Records is proud to present you the new "Mad Fusion Ep" by Ephedra, Proxeeus & Ohm Mind! Expect 4 crazy collaboration tracks filled with a lot of energy and different atmospheres. This release is opened by the « Introducing Moon Beasts » track by Ephedra & Proxeeus who are here presenting their brand new collaboration project. Darker atmospheres, squelchy sounds blended with crazy melody lines will open up your appetite for what’s coming next. « Life goes on » delivers a nice acidic twist with fast melody lines and some olskoolish vibes who will probably shake many dancefloors around the globe. « Mad Fusion » will surprise you with a tasty soup of genres and a good dose of organic sounds (yep you’ve read this well, we said « organic » :D ) So be prepared for the unexpected! « A drop from far away » closes this Ep with some more mellow sounds who will fit perfectly on every dancefloors during shiny mornings! Enjoy the madness!

Mastering by: Tim Schuldt

Artwork by: Sati

Tracks List

  1. Ephedra & Proxeeus: Introducing Moon Beasts
  2. Ohm Mind & Proxeeus: Life Goes On
  3. Ephedra, Proxeeus & Ohm Mind: Mad Fusion
  4. Ephedra & Ohm Mind: A Drop From Far Away