Floating Between The Moon & The Sun


Goa Madness Records is very proud to present you their third release: «Floating between the moon & the sun»!

8 Beautiful tracks selected with love & passion by Ephedra & Kuririn!

This compilation will make you travel between the acidic sounds of nighttime Goatrance to the more melodic vibes for the shiny mornings.

It all starts with the French newcomer Proxeeus, who will kick you back in time with some acidic oldskool sounds (remember the golden 90’s?). M-run delivers then his typical groovy beats & psycho sounds which only him knows the secret and Nova Fractal will smash you into space with his stellar remix of Artifact303: “In your mind”.

The compilation evolves then with a very bouncy track from the Swedish master Trinodia followed by Goatree who brings a very melodic & acidic track with a Psytrance edge. Ephedra & Imba strikes back with a pure morning track coming from the deep cosmos while JIS brings you a very melodic & trancy piece of art.

The compilation ends with a sublime downtempo track from the French producer Crossing Mind!

Just listen & let yourself float… Between the moon & the sun.

Tracks List

  1. Proxeeus: Ramayana (Original mix)
  2. M-Run: Sons Of The Temple
  3. Artifact303: In Your Mind (Nova Fractal Remix)
  4. Trinodia: Distiled Illusions (2014 mix)
  5. GoaTree: Syslit Joint
  6. Ephedra & Imba: Cosmic Harmony
  7. Jis: Zero Gravity
  8. Crossing Mind: Iridium Zone (2014)