Ephedra: What The Future Brings


Goa Madness Records is very proud to present you the new album of Ephedra: "What The Future Brings"

After the success of his first 2 albums, Alexandre Cohen is back with 9 full length tracks filled with acid sounds, crazy melodies & groovy rhythm's. The album starts with some more twisted feelings. In Search Of Flying Saucers, Flowing Into The Night, Twisted Keys & Machiavellian will reveal some different atmospheres of what Alex showed us in the past. Expect deep atmospheres, weird lead sounds, growling acids & melodies. The album then introduces 2 collaborations: Savannah Monk trail (feat Imba) will reveal an atypical tribalistic track filled with groovy percussions and wicked samples, while Cosmic Collaboration (Feat Proxeeus) blends perfectly the acidic & twisted sounds of the French master Jerome Lesterps with some more mellow and floating melodies. The album then evolves into another dimension. Return To The N Life & Deep Inside Feelings will bring a very powerful groove with euphoric melodies. Floating souls will make sure you have a proper landing with some beautiful & deep sounds.

We hope you will enjoy this album and if you ask yourself what the future brings... Well, the madness continues!

Tracks List

  1. In Search Of Flying Saucers
  2. Flowing Into The Night
  3. Twisted Keys
  4. Machiavellian
  5. Savannah Monk Trail (Feat Imba)
  6. Cosmic Collaboration (Feat Proxeeus)
  7. Return To The N Life
  8. Deep Inside Feelings
  9. Floating Souls