Ephedra: Journey Through My Head


Goa Madness Records is proud to present you the debut album of Alexandre Cohen aka Ephedra: JOURNEY THROUGH MY HEAD!

After numerous releases on labels such as Suntrip records, Sita records, Timewarp records and much more… Ephedra is now back with 9 full lenght tracks filled with euphoric melodies,

acid sounds and drivin basslines. The album starts with some acidic madness and evolves psychedelicly to the more melodic and morning side of Goatrance, leading you into a magical universe full of mysterious sounds…

This piece of art will take you on a journey through Ephedra’s deepest thoughts and will make you dance with your eyes closed.
Just listen and let yourself go…

Tracks List

  1. We are not alone in the universe (07.54) 145BPM
  2. Beyond spaces (09.40) 145 BPM
  3. Crispy biscuits (06.19) 145 BPM
  4. Souls in trance (07.20) 145 BPM
  5. The walk of the little green man (07.55) 148 BPM
  6. Little molecules (08.32) 148 BPM
  7. Experiments (09.14) 148 BPM
  8. Bubblized (08.59) 150 BPM
  9. Smiling sun (2013 edit) (10.38) 150 BPM