Born in 1977 Daniel Eldstrom came in contact with the creation of music using synths in early years from his two older brothers. 1992, Daniel started experimenting on his own in a bigger midi studio and in 1995 he finally got his first opportunity to perform live at a local rave-party arranged by friends. The following years were filled with experimenting with sound and playing at a few more parties. In 2000 Daniel started a new project called Voxel9 and put the trance-producing on the shelf for a while. Voxel9 is an more ambient/electronic music and Daniel learned better how to make music as landscapes of sounds and not only melodies and beats. This he uses today to create the trip he want’s you to experience while listening to his music! !
In March 2002 Daniel began experimenting with his equipment and found that it was very well possible to make Psychedelic Trance holding the quality that he himself required with what he had and started making music for the dance-floors again! !
Until early 2009 Daniels music could be referred as Full On trance but at that time he decided to go back to the roots of the psychedelic trance music that he once started out making and the result is what can be heard coming out of his studio these days.
The style is oldschool Goatrance with a fresh approach.