My name is Tomislav Crnčić, and I live in Zagreb, Croatia from the day I was born, on one autumn day back in 1976.

Being first impressed with electronic music from Depeche mode, Yazoo, Erasure and similar bands, soon I discovered trance, hard trance and rave music from the early 90s. But the turning point was finding out goa trance compilations like Goa raume, Trust in trance, Dragonfly classics and many similar ones, with tracks from artists like Laughing Buddha, Green nuns of the revolution, Astral projection, Shakta, Deedrah, Pleiadians, Hallucinogen, Prana, Juno reactor, and many many artists who made music with complex melodies with extraordinary sounds along with complex and unique soundscapes.

That is when I decided – I want to make tracks like that. So I started making music, and I started with ProTracker on an Amiga computer.

The second age of my music started in the year of 2001 with the release of cubase SX, which I still use today (of course, now it is upgraded to Cubase 7). After a couple years of learning and experimenting, I released a free download album called Inner polarity in the year 2007. on Metapsychic records. After playing in Belgium, Serbia and Croatia, I took a break for some time to further develop my sound, which resulted in what you can hear now. This sound first took shape in Alien humanity EP, released on Spacedock records in 2012. The pinnacle at this moment is the new album Fragments of evolution, released on Spacedock records in June 2013, which was already presented in Israel and Croatia and has received some great feedback.