Ohm Mind

Ohm Mind is Jérémy Cambon, a Belgian Goa Trance producer born in Brussels.

Jérémy discovered Goatrance while he attended a Goa Madness party in Brussels in 2007. He was immediately hooked by the acid and futuristic sounds of this music. His project started around 2008 when he met some friends who showed him the basics of production, he was more focused on his own sound signature at that time to improve his skills.

In 2014 he started performing his live sets, first in Belgium but he rapidly was invited in many countries as Switzerland, Spain , Portugal, Japan, France and many more festivals. His first release appeared on the Trancelinguistic compilation made by “Visionary Shamanic records” in 2014.

In 2015 he released his first album on Neogoa Records intitulated '' Birds Will Go To Heaven". This sound is focused on acid tracks with a lot of high melodies. You can hear a lot of tribal influences in the percussions or vocals and it's also good for trance music lovers.

In 2019, he collaborated with Proxeeus and Ephedra to make an EP on Goa Madness Records called " Mad Fusion ". That EP aims on more modern vibes but still acidic. Jérémy has a side project called " Acid Destroyers " with another artist from Switzerland, Adrian Baumann. They released an EP together on Spacedock Records in 2019.

In 2020, he released another EP on Spacedock Records called " Solar Eruption". This one is really concentrated on the classic sound from the 90's and is the most psychedelic sound he has ever made before.

Jérémy is proud to be part of Goa Madness Records where he will soon release even more musical madness for your ears.

Get ready to unleash the Ohm!