Ohm Mind

Ohm Mind is Jeremy Cambon, a Belgian producer born in Brussels.

Jeremy discovered Goatrance while he attended a Goa Madness party in Brussels in 2007. He was immediately hooked by the spacy and futuristic sounds of this style.
His project started around 2008 when he met some friends who showed him the basics of production.
After some experi​ments with fruity loops, he decided to work with N-Tone-Dub and François Chautemps, 2 Sound engineers. Thanks to the creative insight and skills they brought to the table, Jérémy found his own signature, his own style.
In 2014 he started performing his live sets. People were able to see him in action during the many High Frequencies and Dance for Life events that were held in Belgium that summer.
His first release appeared on the Trancelinguistic compilation made by “Visionary Shamanic records”.
Jeremy is now also proud to be a part of Goa Madness Records where he will soon release even more musical madness for your ears…

Get ready to unleash the Ohm!