Malory Goa

Malory Goa is María José López Díaz, born in Córdoba (Spain) in 1978, and now living in Seville where she is one of the organisers of the “Connection Festival” and member of “Red Dust Crew”. She felt in love with music when she was really young and while she was only eight she could play the guitar with no knowledge of music, only by earing… With the years, she went to London with her husband “Lord Flames”,(” Suntrip Records” dj) and there she started to feel her love for the pychedelic movement and became step by step influenced by the Goatrance music played at home by his husband, and still stayed in love with contundent sounds as techno and oldschool acid techno etc… Soon after, she decided to express herself playing the music she loves… Contundent and deep Goatrance… Totally Goa Madness!! She played in the “Connection Festival 2014″ for the first time and she is one of the heads in the mytical parties “Seviya ‘n’ Trance”. Not young but with an experimented ear and eager to make you travel with the music.