JAHGALI is António Silva, born in 1991 in the city of Porto, Portugal.

Although the contact with mixing came very late (end of 2016), he was always passionated about music in its many genres. Most time of his life, he was a performer, dancer, actor, and the contact with music in an eclectic way was constant, specially after he discovered the Trance scene in 2012! He instantly got addicted to the Goa culture so he decided to share is love trough Music. This project is focused in Goa, and the most recent relate genre, Neo Goa! He has a second project called MeloDruid signed with Kunayala Productions from Portugal, where he explores the most deep and chilled sounds from, downtempo, ethnic, ambient, psy dub to deep-house and progressive and melodic techno with a hint of psychedelic music. So his musical flexibility is undeniable.