GoaTree started to make music a long time ago on his uncle’s atari xl. Only 3 channels and some 8-bit sounds were available but, at that time it was quite enough and good fun… Then his uncle bought a PC with a 386 processor so he switched to Fasttracker 2 and tried to make something that could be described as hardcore/trance/house/chill … Later on he finally got his own PC and started to use rebirth-338, then reason and finally fruity loops 3.4 and, till now he is a proud user of this software which has evolved into a really nice DAW during the years … When he discovered the magic of psytrance and goatrance he found it to be a musical/art challenge that is still in progress. There is a lot of things that GoaTree needs to learn and that’s the magic of it …
When one of his friends asked him to play on their first party “magic of reborn”, that was the beginning of really nice 2 years… He played at many slovakian psytrance parties and he is really thankful for this opportunity (thanks to Majo “G-sonique”, Domca and Dida), at that time he choose the name “w0dk4″ (it was just for fun but many people got angry that he didn’t choose a proper psytrance name )… At that time he was producing full-on trance. (israeli influence was obvious).
Later on he grew up in terms of musical taste and understood what psychedelic is about so here he is… GoaTree, different personality, different name.