Bandagor is Jelle De Coene from Belgium. He attended his first goa party in the late nineties. He was immediately fascinated by the music and the atmosphere. He kept going to the parties and listening to the music, but it was only around 2011 he passionately started collecting all this fantastic music. Three years later things gained momentum, when he figured it would be nice to be able to mix the cd’s from his collection and create his own stories with them. So he bought his dj gear and started practicing. Only a few months later, he organized his first goa trance party, Lunar Sunrise, together with his girlfriend and Gnome & Sjama’Dan. They are known from Amanita Muscaria, a crew Bandagor joined after this great collaboration. At that party he played his first set in front of an audience, and he’s hooked ever since. He likes to take the dancefloor on melody infested journeys, spiced with acid lines and psychedelica. He plays both nineties oldschool and modern goa trance, with a predilection for captivating melodies. He also plays an entrancing downtempo/chill-out set from time to time. Hopefully one day he can guide you on a musical journey too.