Born is Moscow Russia, Pavel Pasechnik, lives in Belgiums since the age of 3. Being intrested by music since his early teens, at the age of 14 he received his firs electric guitar which propulsed him first into the cold world of metal.
He ‘s influenced still today by this style but also by guitarist virtuoses like Santana or Satriani. A bit later he attended some trance parties and directly felt in love with this style and started to produce his own music. Fascinated by live act’s, he bought a groove box and started to make his first sets. In august 2012 he had the opportunity to play in Israel, mother earth of this style. This gig gived a boost to his motivation and he started to produce more & more.
In 2013 he became part of Goa madness records and his first release appeared on the compilation “Memories from Goa Madness”. Asmik tries to be as close as possible to the sound pictures he got in mind. Producing them, feeling them and spreading them is a passion that constantly feeds his desire to do more!